This is me!

1. Ariela Basson, Communication Design, Junior

2. I am majoring in communication design. I am interested in advertising and branding, but also how my designs can interact with my audience. I believe that this class will further help me explore these interests.

3. The only experience I have with HTML is when we incorporated it into a project for Typography last semester.

4. In this class, I hope to learn how to better understand HTML and use it to advance my designs.

5. I believe that I will have to consider color in a very different way while designing for a screen rather than for paper. In addition, I will communicate information in a very different way.

6. This is the link to the Refinery 29 website. I believe this website exemplifies effective design through its use of bold colors, straight forward layout, and easy to use interface. The design of this website also reflects the ideas behind Refinery 29 as a culture, fashion, and lifestyle company.

7. This website gives a tour of Abbey Road Studios. I believe it exemplifies excellent communication through its interactive nature and detailed information. It appeals to all types of audiences as they can interact with a virtual space and teaches about the studio.

8. This website is the website for one of my favorite beauty brands. I have always enjoyed this website because not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very easy to use. Glossier is a brand that is meant to appeal to all types of beauty customers, so having a website that has an effective yet easy to understand user interface is essential.